Today I finished installing the margelles, or edging stones for the pool. It has taken me four days of hard slog – I had to do it on my own because I am known as Bonnie Tiler here and so everyone thought they’d leave it to the expert – ha! It was hard because each stone weighs about 10kg and they have to be millimetre accurate because the slabs for the rest of the terrasse are the same colour and width (but not the same depth) so these edging stones will be the starting point of the rest of the 154m2 – the joints and the height all need to line up. I have used 150 kg of tile cement to put them down because they need to be solid – people will pull themselves out of the pool by the edges.

I ache everywhere, back, arms, shoulders, elbows and knees ….

P.S. The water will be cleaner than this when the pool is put in service!!!